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My Journey

With a background in Education. And as a qualified teacher, I taught children from 4-13 years old for many years.

It was whilst teaching I noticed there were sticking blocks in the way pupils approached their work that prevented them from giving off their best.

In addition to this, parents asked me many questions on the aspects of teaching and parenting relating to how they could support their children.

The combination of these two encouraged me to look further into ways to assist with these challenges, and as a result I took a Life Coaching course to see what else was possible.

After that I came across the tools from Access Consciousness.


From the very first I found them easy to use and that things for me began to change for the better and continue to do so.


I found there was a noticeable difference in my energy levels. I felt ’lighter,’ less pressure, and had greater clarity when making choices.

All this changed the way I approached my teaching, and I was able to use the tools easily in the classroom and beyond.

My focus now is on mental wellbeing and my special interest is offering these amazing tools to teachers, parents and kids for them to be and create more possibilities for themselves with greater ease.

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