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I am always looking to create more possibilities for my clients and to assist them to discover their own way forward. 

I offer 1-1 sessions - the tools are pragmatic and often incorporate both body and verbal processes to change any problems to possibilities.

Reiki Treatment

Anxious 2 Amazing Programmes

Relaxation and De-stressing

The Introduction

These are either in the form of a 3-hour interactive class or a 90-minute 1:1 session, introducing de-stressing tools and techniques to create ease and more productivity in your day. 


For Business 

This class is a pragmatic strategic stress management for the workplace.  You discover ways to overcome the anxieties, pressures and explore different tools and techniques to create a more productive working space. 


For Parents 

Towards Tomorrow’s Adults:

A fun interactive class exploring the juggling and guilt in the family world; dispelling the pressures and discovering the possibilities for more energy, ease and joy for you, your partner and your offspring.  These can be group, single or couple sessions.


Youth and youngster sessions

Tools and Techniques for enhanced learning.  This class covers ways to dispel distractions, stress and self -talk that inhibit the learning process and introduces ways to use questions to increase focus and timing. These sessions can be from 45 minutes long.


Access Bars

Of a stress releasing process for dynamic change

(suggest 3-6 sessions) £105 per 90 minute session

Access Body Processes

For creating more ease with your body

1-1 Facilitation

In person or on Zoom. £75 per 45 minute session


Access Youth Bars Session

From £75 for 45 minutes.

For more about Bars:

Access Bars Practitioner

Become a Bars Practitioner with this one-day class £350


Access Body Processes

Learn a nurturing body process- from £75 for 45 minutes.


Access Book of Possibility

This is an abbreviated Access Bars Class.  It is designed for people working with others such as carers, teachers, midwives’ nurses in hospitals, managers for employee stress relief, armed forces personnel and police suffering from PTSD. Prices up to £135 per person.

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